Electronic Gift Card

-terms of use-

    • The Gift Card can only be purchased online at www.andreeapreda.com.

    • The electronic Gift Card issued by www.andreeapreda.com is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

    • The electronic Gift Card is sent by e-mail to the person of your choice, at the date and time set by you. The Gift Card will be delivered electronically as soon as possible, immediately after the payment is processed.

    • The Gift Card becomes valid and can be used within 24/48 hours of purchase.

    • The fee for issuing and processing the Gift Card represents 3.5% of the value of the card (eg: when purchasing a card of 100 Eur, the buyer will pay 103.5 Eur).

    • Gift cards can be purchased by any natural or legal person, resident, or non-resident.

    • The value of the card cannot be returned to the purchaser or holder. The purchase of the gift card is considered a Final Purchase, Non-Returnable.

    • The Gift Card can be used only once for a single order.

    • The code received in the e-mail together with the Gift Card will be entered in the dedicated box on the checkout page.

    • The value of the purchased products must be equal to or higher than the value of the Gift Card.

    • If the product purchased with the Gift Card exceeds the value of the latter, the remaining difference to be paid can be paid by any payment method provided by the website www.andreeapreda.com

    • The Gift Card can only be used on the website www.andreeapreda.com.

    • The Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another gift card.

    • After the expiration of the validity period, the Gift Card can no longer be used to pay the value of the purchased products, and the unused value on the Gift Card cannot be claimed, the holder of the gift card not being entitled to compensation from www.andreeapreda.com

    • Counterfeiting and fraudulent use of the Gift Card are punishable by law.

    • Cards obtained by illegal means are void and cannot be used to purchase products.

    • The purchase and/or use of the Gift Card implies the full acceptance of these terms and conditions, made available to the customer when purchasing the Gift Card.

    • If a digital gift card is purchased from www.andreeapreda.com, www.andreeapreda.com is not responsible for non-receipt or delay in receipt by its recipient, for reasons beyond the control of www.andreeapreda.com, including :

    • malfunction of telecommunication lines/systems;

    • the inaccuracy of the details of the digital gift card recipient provided by the gift card buyer;

    • the fact that the e-mail sent by www.andreeapreda.com is considered spam or unwanted e-mail.

    • For any problems encountered, send an e-mail to andreea@andreeapreda.com or fill in the contact form here.

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