Lingerie materials and features:

  • Handmade garter belt,  made of exquisite Coralia Fire embroidery, soft and pleasant to the touch, with mechanical elasticity;
  • 24kt Gold plated metal accessories;
  • Multifit system, which allows the adjustment of the garter belt for a perfect fit with the body dimensions and comfortable wear;
  • Back closure with 2 gold detachable metal systems.
  • 24kt gold plated garter buckles


Material composition:

  • Embroidery: 95% PA, 5% EA
  • Accessories: 24kt gold platd zamak alloy, nickel free
  • Strap elastic, plush elastic: 86% PA, 14% EA; 80% PA, 20% EA
  • Garter buckles:24kt gold plated zamak, nickel free, transparent silicone;

Coralia Fire Garterbelt

SKU: AP064