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Ariela Choker

Ariela Choker


Indulge in the allure of oceanic opulence with Ariela, a tantalizing luxury lingerie collection that intertwines elegance with sensuality. Crafted from the finest materials, delicate seashell embroidered lace dances gracefully atop a backdrop of nude mesh, evoking the tranquil depths of the sea. Explore a mesmerizing palette of purples, fuchsias, and yellow-greens, reminiscent of vibrant coral reefs under the sun's gentle caress.

But it doesn't stop there. French satin in a sumptuous mustard hue envelops you in luxurious comfort, while 24kt gold plated hardware and accessories add an unmistakable touch of extravagance. Each piece is adorned with shimmering gold glass crystals, meticulously hand-applied to accentuate your natural allure. Embrace the essence of luxury and enchantment with Ariela—a collection designed to ignite passion and elevate your every moment.

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