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Terms and Conditions


Navigating the website and placing orders is equivalent to reading, understanding, and accepting the terms below by any Customer. reserves the right to change and update at any time the content of this site, as well as the Terms and conditions of use, without any prior notification. Your order will be applied to the Terms specified on at the time of placing the order.


In the present document, the following terms used in capital letters will have, unless the context otherwise results, the meanings specified below:

COMPANY / SOCIETY: Preda A Individual Enterprise, represented by owner Andreea Preda, owner of the domain and online store
USER: represents the person who accesses the SITE, for private or professional purposes, and who has accepted the Terms of Use of this SITE, fulfilling in this respect all the requirements of the registration process.
CUSTOMER: represents the person accessing the SITE, for private or professional purposes and who has accepted the Terms of Use of this SITE, fulfilling in this sense all the requirements of the registration process, which initiates and finalizes an order.
ABUSE USE: represents the use of the SITE in a manner contrary to the practice in the field, of the regulations and the legislation in force or in any other way that may cause harm to
ORDER: represents an electronic document, between the Company and the natural person who completes and completes the form for the purchase of a product on the website, which obliges the company to supply the specific products in the order, and the buyer to pay them. The document is generated as a result of accessing the SITE by a CUSTOMER, which intervenes as a form of communication between the COMPANY and the CUSTOMER.
CONTRACT: represents an ORDER confirmed by the COMPANY, by which the COMPANY agrees to deliver to the CLIENT products and services, and the CLIENT agrees to make their payment.
USERS / CLIENTS of this SITE are asked to read carefully the following terms and conditions of use.
The following terms and conditions are considered to be minimum applicable provisions, the use of the SITE subject to the general provisions of the legislation in force.
The terms and conditions of use can be modified at any time by updating this SITE, these changes becoming mandatory with immediate effect for all USERS / CLIENTS.
By accessing the USER SITE I agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below and the applicable law.


Intellectual property rights

Content of site: images, texts, web graphics, scripts, software, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks, is wholly owned by the Company and its suppliers and is protected by the Law on the right to author and the related rights and the laws regarding the intellectual and industrial property. The unauthorized use of any of the elements listed above is punishable according to the legislation in force.


The user has the obligation to respect all the intellectual property rights of our company, provided by the legislation in force.

The user undertakes to access and use the site for purposes and by means that do not constitute abusive use.

Our company does not assume responsibility for the descriptions of the products presented in the virtual store. However, great efforts have been made to minimize all errors that may arise from electronic or manual editing of the information presented. Our company reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the site.

If the prices or other details regarding the products were displayed incorrectly, including due to the fact that they were entered incorrectly in the database, our company assigns the right to cancel the delivery of that product and to notify the customer as soon as possible time about the error, if the delivery has not been made yet.


Access to the site guarantees the user limited access, in their personal interest, to this site and does not grant them the right to download or modify the site in whole or in part, to reproduce the site in whole or in part, to copy, to sell/resell or operate the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the company without its prior written consent.


Registration on the site

In order to place an order on the site, you must provide some necessary information that must be real and true. This information is Name and Surname, Address, County, and City of domicile, as well as the address for the delivery of the order, the correct telephone number and an email address for receiving the order data. If any of the information mentioned above changes, please let us know using the form on the Contact page. The additional data are required to comply with the contract involved in placing the order. In case the data entered are wrong, we cannot establish a connection with the customer, we reserve the right to cancel the order.


User account

Authorized access to the user account is possible only after the user has entered a username and password on the site The buyer is obliged to keep the privacy and not to provide the user with the username and password and assumes the responsibility that the seller is not responsible for any unauthorized access to the account created by the buyer, nor for any other damages caused in connection with the unauthorized access to the account. of the user of the buyer.

The buyer has no right to allow the use of the user account to third parties.

Seller may terminate your user account if the buyer has not used this account for more than 1 year, or if the buyer breaches the terms of the contract (including failure to comply with the terms and conditions).


Placing an Order

The agreed placement method is by direct order on the site.

After you have registered as a user, you must choose your favorite product or products and add them to your Shopping Cart. After you are sure that you have added the products you wanted (please check the sizes and colors you want) you must click on the Order button.

After you press this button, a summary of your order will be loaded automatically. This summary will also be sent automatically to the e-mail address you left at registration and we communicate with you (if you change your e-mail address, it is very important to pass the new one to your account as well ).

Before completing the order, fill in the billing data, select the transport method, the payment method, check that you agree with the data protection, and the terms and conditions on the site.


Availability of products

All the products displayed on the site presented on their page the status of their availability. Those that are mentioned with Out of stock means that they are not available at the moment on the site. Inventories are frequently restored until the discontinuation of the production of a model, at which time it will no longer be visible on the site. If you have ordered a product from the site and it is no longer available, you will be contacted by telephone to set the next steps.


Description of services sells handmade clothing items, made in its own workshop.



The prices presented on the site are expressed in EURO;

The price presented on the invoice will be the same as the one presented on the site at the time of the operation, price plus the costs of delivery.

For payments in lei by bank transfer the conversion is made at the BNR exchange rate on the day of order registration in the system.


Payment Policy

Payment of orders under these Terms and Conditions can be made as follows:

Payment via PAYPAL

Payment through the PayPal payment processor can also be made in the absence of a PayPal account, through the direct use of the debit/credit card as for any other online payment.


Payment by credit/debit card.

Provider Stripe

If the payment is made online, with the credit/debit card it is necessary to complete a form with the data about it. If the card transaction was successful, the following screen gives you the information relevant to the order.

Manual payment by Wire transfer. accepts the following credit/debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard / Eurocard, Maestro, including Visa or MasterCard virtual cards. Using that method of payment your credit/debit card will be processed immediately.

Online payment using the card via Stripe online payment operator. No additional transaction fees are charged. For the correct completion of the transaction, you must provide the card code (all digits in the four groups on the front of the card, no spaces), the expiration date and the last three digits on the back of the card inscribed on the tape with your signature (depending on the card, may be missing).


Regardless of the currency, you have in the card attached to the account from which the payments are made, the transactions are made in euros, at the exchange rate of the card provider (VISA, MAESTRO, etc.).


Card data processing is done exclusively through the Stripe platform. does not request and store any details regarding your card.



Delivery Policy delivers nationally through courier companies and internationally through courier / postal parcels.


  • International delivery to all countries within the European Union.

For more information on deliveries please write to us at


Shipping Schedule

Orders are packed and shipped from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm. Between the confirmation of the Order and the shipping, there is an interval of 4-8 working days (this interval may vary).


Delivery schedule (in Romania)

Orders are delivered by courier from Monday to Friday between the hours 9: 00-18: 00 at the address mentioned in the order. Weekends and legal holidays are not considered working days.


Shipping costs and transit times

The prices displayed on the site do not include courier delivery fees. Changing the destination influences the price of the delivery taxes.

The standard courier delivery fee depends directly on the delivery address:


  • national delivery - 5 EUR (25 lei) -Express Couriers (free for orders exceeding 80 EUR)

  • International delivery to Europe (EU+Ukraine)- PACKETA /GLS (transit time 4 to 8 business days) - 14 EUR (free for orders exceeding 280 EUR)

  • International priority postal delivery to Europe (non-EU) (transit time 8 to 15 business days) - 17 EUR (free for orders exceeding 300 EUR)

  • International priority post to Australia/Canada/Japan (transit time from 10 to 20 business days) - 22 EUR (free for orders exceeding 300 EUR)

  • International delivery to the USA- PACKETA/FEDEX PRIORITY (transit time up to 7 business days) - 22 EUR (free for orders exceeding 300 EUR)


  • PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!--For NON-EU countries: Please note that your order may be subject to import duties and taxes over which we have no control as they are levied by your tax and customs office. As the customer and importer of the goods, you will be responsible for these charges. Import duties or tax costs will be invoiced to you directly from the appointed forwarder. We recommend you contact your local customs authority to determine a landed cost price prior to purchase completion. is not responsible for any delays on goods that have been held back as a result of procedures carried out by your local customs authorities.


The estimated shipping date may vary depending on the products ordered. The estimated delivery date is on the page of each individual product.

For all product categories, the maximum processing time is 15 days from the date of order confirmation.

Certain deliveries can be postponed or even canceled under conditions of force majeure / during very busy periods (Easter, Christmas, etc.)

Any additional delay will be communicated to the Customer and a new delivery term will be agreed upon with him, which will not exceed the maximum term provided above.

At the request of the Seller or the Courier, the Client will prove his identity, if necessary by one or more documents issued by official authorities and will communicate the Order number assigned by the Seller.

In case the Customer is unable to receive the Order personally, the Order will be left at the specified address only to a person over 18 years old and only in case of communication to the Courier, of the Order number.

No request for delivery of an Order can be honored if the Customer does not fulfill the above conditions.

In the case of delivery to the Client's place of work, in which case the Courier cannot access the respective location, the Client must ensure that he can receive this Order.

The Customer will be contacted by telephone by the Courier in advance to obtain confirmation of his presence at the address and time selected when validating the Order on the site.

The customer undertakes to be present at the indicated delivery address, within the selected time interval, otherwise, he will bear the transport tax related to a possible new delivery. The time interval can be modified, after the selection, only with the agreement of the Courier.

The delivery is considered to be completed by the Seller, at the time of delivery of the products Ordered to the Customer at the address selected by him at the time of placing the Order.

NOTE: If the package cannot be delivered due to the wrong/incomplete address indicated by the client, cannot be held responsible for the delay in receiving the order. Together with the client, we will try to find the best solution to solve the issue so that all parts are satisfied.


Privacy Policy

The purpose of data collection is: informing users/clients about the status of their account informing users/clients about the evolution and status of orders, evaluating the products and services offered, commercial activities, promoting products and services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, development, tracking and monitoring of sales and consumer behavior.

The legal basis for processing

b. For the processing of personal data for the purpose of initiating or executing a contract with you, the legal basis is represented by art. 6 paragraph (1) lit. (b) of the GDPR.

c. As long as the processing of your personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of our legal obligations (eg, for the storage of data), we are authorized to do so in accordance with art. 6 paragraph (1) lit. (c) of the GDPR.

d. In addition, we process personal data in order to protect our legitimate interests and the legitimate interests of third parties according to Art. 6 paragraph (1) lit. (f) of the GDPR. Maintaining the functional capacity of our IT systems, but also the marketing of internal and external products and services and the legally provided documentation regarding commercial contacts represent such legitimate interests.


According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of the persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, modified and completed, the COMPANY has the obligation to administer in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data you provide to us about you.

Also, the COMPANY may provide your personal data to other companies with whom it is in partnership relations, but only on the basis of a confidentiality commitment from them, which guarantees that these data are kept safe and that the provision of this personal information is made according to the legislation in force, as follows: providers of marketing services, courier, payment/banking services, accounting services, telemarketing or other services, other companies with which we can develop common programs for offering products and services on the market our insurers.

Your personal information can also be provided to the Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the Courts, and other authorized bodies of the state, based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of certain formulated requests.

By reading the present, you have become aware that the rights provided by law, respectively the right to information, the right of access to data, the right of intervention, the right of opposition, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to be guaranteed are guaranteed. the address of the justice in case of violation of his rights guaranteed by Law 677/2001 for the protection of the persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to request their complete or partial deletion.

a. As long as you have expressed your agreement regarding the processing of your personal data, this constituted the legal basis for the processing (Art. 6 paragraph (1) letter (a) of the GDPR).

Security of personal data

Your personal data may be used by for order confirmation, email information, mail, or other means of communication about subsequent actions, statistical reports, etc.

Your personal data may be transmitted to law enforcement authorities for the purpose of verifying commercial transactions or other law enforcement authorities to perform any justifiable verifications under the law.

The data provided by the clients are strictly confidential. commits itself to its clients not to provide this data to third parties or companies and to use them strictly for the use of the business relationship between the client and

This site uses security measures against the loss, alteration, or misuse of the information that is under our control. undertakes to respect your rights conferred by Law 677/2001, and at your request sent to, it undertakes: to rectify, update, block, delete or transform into anonymous data, in a manner for free, the data whose processing is not in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data; to cease the processing of your personal data. certifies that it will respect the rights conferred by Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of the persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, of Law no. 365/2002 regarding electronic commerce, as of the Ordinance no. 130/2000 regarding consumer protection at the conclusion and execution of the distance contracts with the subsequent modifications. These rights include (enumeration not having a limiting character):


a. the right to ask to confirm whether or not we process your personal data, free of charge for one request per year;

b. the right to request to rectify, update, block or delete, for free, those data provided whose processing does not comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001;

c. the right to request to cease, for free, the processing of his personal data;

d.In the case of online payments, the payment of the services from this website is made through the online payment solutions offered by PayPal / Wirecard.


In order to eliminate the risk of your data getting into possession and being misused by third parties: and Wirecard guarantee the security of information systems.

The information regarding the bank card data (card number, expiration date, etc.) is not transferred or stored, at any time, on the servers or on the Wirecard servers.

In the case of the 3D Secure system for payment with Visa or MasterCard cards, the data related to your card are entered directly into the Visa or MasterCard systems, and if your card has been issued by a bank certified in the 3D Secure system, the authorization of the transaction it is done only after your authentication in this system - entering a secret code/password known only by you, similar to the PIN code in ATM transactions.


For any further questions regarding how the personal data is processed and to exercise your rights mentioned above, please contact us at the email address:
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Return Policy


  • If possible, free alterations of the items can be made;

  • Back and forth shipping costs are at the customer's expense;

  • Please announce your request for alteration by e-mail to in 3 days upon the receipt of the package.


The return is accepted  in the case of:

  • 1 Items that are on stock at the moment of the purchase (items marked with: shipping in 1-2 working days)